Friday, July 30, 2010

Pictures of the Alaska shirt and a cheesy smile

So I was taking a picture of Brigham in his Alaska shirt so Aunt Wendy can see him in it. He has to have his scriptures (he likes to try all words so he can say scriptures.) After snapping this picture a very funny thing happened. You may get bored at the repetition, but I can't get enough of his face.

So here is the before...

and the after picture. I love this cheesy face!






after. He has never done this before and I thought it was so funny.

Random Brigham Pics

I gave Brigham this container of Macaroni and Cheese and he devoured it. I was only about a third full, but he loved being able to feed it to himself.

See, he is so proud of himself.

He loves his blanket just like his sister. This is a sure sign that he is tired.

Just laying on the floor. I guess he needs a nap. He also sucks on his tongue and then touches his lips with the blanket. So cute.

These are his first pair of walking shoes. They were well loved and ready for the trash bin.

Happy 5 Years Anniversay!

This is my 5th anniversary present this year. My dryer started burning a week or two before so the need was great. We didn't like to have a fire hazard in the house. Then with the $225 dollars in rebates we got a washer too. I love them. It used to take me up to two hours to dry some things and now it takes about a half hour for most things.

My kids love to help do the laundry. They will come in and start taking things out of one and put in the other. Even if I had just moved them:)

Such great helpers!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Brigham!

Brigham opening presents. Savannah was so willing to help him open his presents. But he did pretty well remembering from Christmas.

Being cute in his ribbon.

The cake for everybody to eat.

Brigham's cake.

Brigham started by eating the m&m's off his cake.

When all the m&m's were gone he started in on the rest of the cake.

Then he spread the cake on his face.

And two handfuls of cake to finish off the cake.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Hair Cut

Here is a before shot of the wings on the side of his head.

Here is the loft on top. Don't you love his expression. Why torture me mom?

Here is the happy kid when he was all done. He even gave a great smile. Now he is handsome and not shaggy.

New Family Picture

I needed an updated picture of all of us. Our last was when Brigham was a few weeks old. Here we are. Aren't we cute?

Geode Hunting

Can you tell he is happy to be here? This was the start of geode hunting.

Here are a bunch of us down in the pit digging (or at this point trying to find) geodes.

Savannah and I starting digging over on the side while the track hoe dug some more dirt out. At this point we didn't know what we were looking for or should I say where the sweet spot for finding geodes was.

See the track hoe? It made finding the geodes so easy. That guy was really nice to come and dig holes for people.

Ahh. Finally on our way home. These girls were asleep up until the point I was going to take the picture. Savannah was still asleep though. It is tiring work being out in the sun.

Brigham was ready for his nap too.

I am hiding from the dust Mitch let in the car when he rolled down his window on the dirt roads. I can't remember why he rolled down his window, but I wasn't going to let dust in my contacts. Silly me I know.